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For preschool boys and girls, the sound of the recess bell means playtime, and a chance for them to make a dash for their favorite playground activity. Some make a sprint for the jungle gym, others for the handball courts, while some children just float around from play area to play area looking for the kind of game or activity that interests them the most. For daycares, private schools and public schools, the safety of the children is the number one concern, and since most schools who care for youngsters have playground equipment, it is vital that the playground and surrounding area be in excellent condition.

Picnic Benches

Various play areas outside of school and daycares may have tricycles, sporting equipment and handball courts for boys and girls to play on but no place for them to sit. Adult-sized picnic benches are not designed for young children for two reasons: 안전놀이터 for one, they are too big for the child to sit and perform activities on, and for two, these benches can present a safety hazard for young kids. Instead, you would order tables created for children that make perfect sitting and eating locations for a 4 or 5-year old. Picnic benches for kids also make for the perfect areas for doing arts and crafts outside in the shade during a nice spring day.


Having a child lose his footing and hit a piece of concrete or metal rod is not something any school supervisor wants to see, especially on a preschool playground. In hopes of curbing the amount of school-related accidents, administrators tend to purchase padding for playground areas, but over time, these small pads will begin to rip. If you begin to see the padding rip and tear, it’s an indication that you need to spend the extra money to continue to offer the best form of protection for these young children.


Many of the other playgrounds still have metal slides as opposed to plastic slides, and these slides have fading paint or hinges that are starting to creak, causing a major threat to young children. Whatever the situation, a playground must be safe and secure to steer clear of any injuries to children, and perhaps one of the best upgrades is to the equipment many children will use. Yes, a playground can be pricey, but many online companies have affordable costs and shipping rates that make buying this equipment worthwhile. If you’re looking for the best deal, the place to venture is online, as many stores online issue better savings and discounts on their products than brick-and-mortar stores can. Online businesses will also have a wider selection for different age groups, giving you more freedom to order what you like.

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