How to Buy a Diamond Online

Over the last decade, the internet has revolutionized the diamond and jewelry industry. There are literally hundreds of different websites and various companies striving to give you information and some way to buy your new diamonds and jewelry, but how do you know you can trust what you’re reading? How can you know you’re buying from a reliable source? An online diamond buying guide can be your best friend or your worst enemy when considering how to buy a diamond online, so always – always verify the qualifications and credentials of any online guide you use. diamond rings  A GIA Graduate Gemologist, for example, carries one of the highest and most prestigious certifications in the industry. These professionals are dedicated to giving you a superlative diamond buying experience.

When shopping online, the very first step for anyone is to know what you want. Sounds simple, right? Not so much, unfortunately. There are many varieties and different qualities to diamonds, and even more when it comes to the jewelry around it. So be sure to know 3 main things, and you’ll be safe to shop online:

1) Your budget – How much you’re willing to spend total (don’t forget taxes because even online now, they may apply). Tip: Give yourself a leeway spending amount in case you go over your initial budget, it may benefit you.

2) Know what you want to get, or at least an idea of the shape or style of the diamond you are researching or shopping for. Just remember your budget when comparing size to quality, a smaller, more beautiful diamond can be much more rewarding than a larger, less brilliant one.

3) A fundamental or basic knowledge of diamonds. When you know what you’re shopping for, you give yourself the advantage to get the best deal.

Of those three things, the most important is #3, though many may say it is your budget, though I argue that unless you have all the facts about what you’re looking for, you’re more easily misled in a sale, whether online or in your local jewelry store. If you want the best for your dollar, then you need to not only know the facts about diamonds, but know how those facts affect your diamond’s actual appearance and value. Having an understanding of diamond qualities and what they mean guarantees a level of confidence throughout your searches.

So now that you know what you’re looking for, you know what your budget is, and you have an idea of what kind of style at least, you’re ready to search for real diamonds, but where? If it is your first experience buying a diamond, it is highly recommended to at least visit your local jewelry store, ideally a Certified Member of the American Gem Society. However, if you are unable or unwilling to purchase from one, there are a number of worthwhile and safe online sources to buy your diamonds and jewelry. But how can you trust what you’re buying?

The majority of online retailers are not members of The American Gem Society due to the strict AGS standards, though many are equally trustworthy in their business and secure in their transactions. It is relatively easy to tell which are acceptable and which are not. When Shopping online, be sure you can view at least a certificate and/or a grading report of the diamond (GIA/AGS preferred), and as long as the company has a solid return policy, positive reviews, and responds promptly when contacted, you should have quite a rewarding outcome.

Online diamond buying really isn’t the nightmare many make it out to be. Though you may not receive the extra-mile services or guarantees an AGS jewelry store can offer, you can however, with a legitimate guide to help along the way, have all the confidence and knowledge you’ll need to get the very best value for your budget.

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